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Fitness Tips

Your Daily Caloric Requirements

No matter who you are or where you live.  We all have a few things in common.  We all require the  need for oxygen and water. . .  the cleaner they are the better off you and your health.  Our need for nutrients (food) is no different.  Though our daily caloric requirements will vary widely.  

Your requirements will be determined by a wide range of factors like gender,  weight and physical activity, to name a few.  Then our individual goals and objectives will have to be taken into consideration as well.   Weight gain,  weight loss,  weight maintence,  athletic performance,  anti-aging /longevity. . .

You must take this into serious consideration if you are on a mission to lose some weight this year.  To avoid the disappointment after months and months of hard work in the gym and endless hours of cardio to get your body back from yesteryears.

By : Pete Griffen

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