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Fitness Tips


Free Weight versus Machines

Workouts for any given body part or group of muscles is going to be 100% more effective, if you can avoid the machines in your gym and find alternatives that use those muscles in a dynamic movement that is more natural.  Machines should have only a very limited space in your resistance training routine.  Lifting weights is great and very beneficial.  This is even more true for seniors than younger people.  Now the reason why we need to strive to avoid the machines in the gym. It's because we have a very complex muscular system that was designed to be used in open and closed chain exercises that are of dynamic fashion.
Every thing we do in this life is dynamic in nature. So why would you want to train or exercise on a machine that is not going to help you function better in real life. A controlled range of motion is not found anywhere in real life.  And that is exactly what machines provide.  They can't trigger your stabilizer muscles or make your tendons and ligaments stronger due to the controlled range of motion.

Our stabilizer muscles and connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, etc are not to be neglected.  You do exactly that, every time you jump on a machine in the gym.  Free weights and body weight exercises will give you the health and fitness levels you yearn for.

Over the course of time I will bring forth more info in how-to type articles and videos to help you learn these exercises. is a constant work in progress.  It is for everyone even if they aren't located in South Florida.

By : Pete Griffen

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