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Fitness Tips

Meal timing

Meal timing is a very important subject. . .  And is most definitely going to effect the way we look and feel. . . We are the captain of our own vessel.  Our bodies demand fuel to burn.  Just as the cars or trucks we drive around town.  And as most people know, the better the gas we put in, the better the vehicle will run.  Our bodies are no exception.

Let's face it . . . in this day and age the majority of us the world over eat like crap!!!  With society so bent on being productive and on the go go go, we don't take time to prepare our meals, plan our meals, or even think about what we are putting in our bodies.   When we have a hunger pang, we stop at the nearest place that has food or snacks and we feed that hunger. . . not good!!

We owe it to ourselves to make an effort to at least try to eat healthy.  For the most part in the past several decades there have been numbers mainstream campaigns that have sought to raise the public awareness of healthy eating habits. . . what to eat and what not to eat.  So I would guess a lot of us know the basics of good nutrition.  Yet for some reason they just flat out refuse to follow the suggestions.   It's this simple . . .

A must!!  The sooner you get food (fuel) in your body after rising in the morning the better.  Look at the word "breakfast".  It means just that - "break - fast".  Since the time you fell asleep the night before, you have not consumed anything of nutritional value. . . so you have been in a fasting state, and the body has been feeding on itself for quite some time before you wake up.  So we need to break that cycle by putting some food in our bodies.  And usually I make it the largest meal of the day, because I have all day to burn through the caloric surplus. . . something I will get into in other articles.

Mainly the point is: "Fuel the body early in the day" so you are not starving as the day progresses.  You will end up eating whatever crap you can find when the hunger pangs strike.   You should strive for smaller meals as the day progresses.  Also meaning more meals than the traditional "3 squares".  Even if that's your routine, at least pack a few snacks for one mid-morning and one for early afternoon.  And as the day comes to a close, cutting back on certain nutrients. . .  

These simple tips will do several things.  First and foremost, ensure your body is getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients required  to sustain normal bodily function.  Secondly, start to boost your metabolic rate.  Along with helping you sustain a more consistent blood sugar level (which will help you avoid the hunger pangs all together).  And lastly, as you partake in leading an active lifestyle, or if you're just getting into being active and exercising more, you will give the body the fuel it will need to perform better, replenish its reservers and sustain you through your physical activity.  Without taking away from the body's daily requirements.

By : Pete Griffen

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