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Fitness Tips

How to be Healthier!

Burning fat effectively and keeping it off!

No matter who you are or what your specific goal, with health and fitness in mind.  Everyone would like to be a little bit leaner.  This is always a hot topic in the biz.

So in this article i am going to touch base on a few key factors that will get you leaner. Ofcourse your health is important and just getting to the gym is great. But, these are a few things that will maximize your return on the time and energy you invest in the gym.
Hands down the most important factor is your diet.  This is most likely 75% or better of the equation.  So you will need to address proper caloric needs based on factors such as body weight, gender, age, body type, etc... to name a few.  This isn't the time nor place to get into that whole discussion, but you can find numerous other articles on the site concerning such subjects.


1. When doing cardio make sure to keep your heart rate in the zone...( 55-75% of MHR ). And maintain it for a minimum of 40 min.

2. When choosing the best time to get your cardio. If not first thing in a.m. on a empty stomach, just do your regular weight training session and follow it up with 20 min. intense cardio. Or shoot for evenings... Wait 2-3 hours since last meal, and afterwards no carbs. Protein and veggies.

3. Eat your carbohydrates earlier in the day. And the majority of your daily caloric requirements before your activity level tapers off... ( my last meal with carbs is at 3 p.m.)

 And a side note that is even more important. And just because your skinny does not mean your healthy! Good health & being healthy , are not the same.  Good health means your blood work came back and you are within the avg. numbers that health professionals consider healthy.
But, being healthy in my eyes means alot more than just blood work numbers... One needs balance ...
Your well-being, and physical fitness is also a major contributing factor. One should be able to perform whatever daily tasks the need to be done in their lives without issue. (Issue = Lack of strength, out of breath, lack of energy to take on the demands of your day, lack of flexibility, free of pain...etc...)

By : Peter Griffen CFT,SSC

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