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Fitness Tips

Healthier Preparation for Food

It's not just what you cook, but how you cook it.

It is obvious to me that if you are here reading information on my site, you are a health conscious individual.  So with that said, how many of you have given much thought to the idea of how much thought to the idea of how you prepare your food?
Yeah, sure we all try to make healthy food choices.  Asking ourselves constantly what are we putting in our bodies on a daily basis . . .  counting calories, carbohydrates, proteins, and fat intake.

But here is the scary part . . .  stop and think about how these things are prepared.
We should avoid these for sure:

  • Fried foods

  • Grilling with charcoal

  • Microwaved foods

While striving to eat more raw foods or dishes that we can prepare with the help of such tools as a George Foreman grill.  Which allows the meats to be cooked thoroughly and quickly, between two heated non-stick plates that will allow the fats to drain away in a removable tray from the meat being cooked.  (This is a favorite of mine and very easy to clean.)
Other options would be the wok, which is great for veggies.  And the need for oils is minimal.  There are numerous non-stick types available.  Also you can pick up all sorts of cookers or steamers.  Slow cookers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, etc.
So remember, healthy eating habits might start with the foods you choose to eat, but the preparation will determine how healthy for you the meal actually will be.

By : Pete Griffen

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