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Fitness Tips

Great Exercises for the Beginner

Another question I am frequently asked is "What are the best exercises for the average individual with little or no experience in the gym?  And wants to start getting in shape. . .  I am a advocate of developing strength through a natural range of motion. . .  Avoiding machines whenever possible. (Of course they have there place and are effective.)  Yet not practical . . .

I believe the most effective exercises that anyone will benefit from are compound movements. . .  "Which are defined as exercises where multiple muscle groups are involved in the movement."  And its obvious that this is the way the body and the musculoskeletal system was designed to be used.
If I was to choose just (3) exercises out of my inventory of known exercises to suggest to you they would be . . .
1.) The Squat.
2.) The Push-up.
3.) And the Pull-up.

Now if I could choose (5) they would include the previous (3), and a combination of (3) exercises I incorporate into one movement I call the Deadcurl Press (which is a combination of a straight leg deadlift, a standing curl, and a standing overhead press). . . then I would suggest the Sit-up as well. . .
So the top (5) would be . . .

The Squat.
The Push-up.
The Pull-up.
The Deadcurl Press.
And the Sit-up.

And either combination can be performed in any order: individually on any given day. . .  with consecutive sets for volume  or performed in a circuit one exercise after the next.  This second approach is very effective at bringing your heart rate up and targeting the body as a whole, hitting all the major muscle groups in one work-out.   It can be quick, in say 20 minutes, "great for when time is tight". (You shouldn't have a problem completing 3 sets of everything in that time.)  Or take your time for volume and try for 5 or more sets of each, which I suggest as your body gets stronger.

By : Pete Griffen

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