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Fitness Tips

Fat Burning Basics

No matter who you are or what your specific goal, with health and fitness in mind.  Everyone would like to be a little bit leaner.  This is always a hot topic in the biz.

So in this article i am going to touch base on a few key factors.  Things that will maximize your return on the time and energy you invest in the gym.
Of course,  the most important factor is your diet.  This is most likely 75% or better of the equation.  So you will need to address proper caloric needs based on factors such as body weight, gender, age, body type, etc... to name a few.  This isn't the time nor place to get into that whole discussion, but you can find numerous other articles on the site concerning such subjects.

Today i want to touch base on a few of the things that will really make your plan of attack far better than the average person looking to get leaner....

1.  Not consuming enough calories....
This misconception is the biggie and why I make it number one... You should know the more you exercise or become physically active the more calories the body will need and demand, just to sustain normal bodily function.  Yet we tend to exercise more and eat less, in essence starving ourselves in the process.  While limiting our returns.... Yes you will lose weight on a caloric deficient diet.   Though not all that weight is fat loss.  Because without consuming the amount of calories from the nutrients your body requires daily you start to develop a environment internally that will make the body feed on itself to get what it needs... This is called the catabolic effect.  "That means all tissue types...muscle, body fat,tendons, ligaments, bone mass, etc.... degrading your bodies structural integrity."  Obviously not what we want to do.  Actually the exact opposite of why we partake in physical activity and try to eat healthy.  

So the solution to this mistake is eat more not less...
and spread your daily requirement for calories out evenly throughout the day.  Over say 5-6 meals... this keeps your metabolism firing on all 8 cylinders.  While keeping your blood/sugar levels fairly consistant all day long.

2. Not varying exercise type or intensity....
You ever hear the saying "You reap what you sow"?  When it comes to exercise it is very important to do so.  First off, I teach all my clients to strive to develop a mind/muscle connection.  Yet taking it one step further by learning to listen to our body through awareness... Our body will tell us what it needs.  We only need to listen.  Then act accordingly.  Like in regards to the first mistake, when your stomach is growling or you experiance hunger pains it is for a reason.... Your body is craving nutrients and its way of telling us so.  Now in the realm of exercise, I suggest if your body is sore and aching it has yet to fully recover from its last bout of exercise.  And needs to do so before pushing it again.  Though this doesn't mean you do nothing, instead it only gives you insight that you should exercise lightly or moderately at best.  Then once you feel good again you can exercise more intensely.

This is the cinch-pin.  Because our bodies are so very efficient we need to push it a little harder, whenever it feels possible.  Our bodies thrive off of stress, no matter the type.  Just think for a second.  Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually or socially.  It becomes stronger from the stress it experiences.  Exercise is no different, even cardiovascular in nature.  The respiratory system will have no choice but to adapt.  Becoming stronger and more efficient from the increased demands we place on it via increased exercise intensity and the increased demand for oxygen your body will require to sustain a given level of intensity.  Look inward a step further in regards to the varied increase in intensity.  The body will also require more nutrients to fuel these activities and a large percentage will come from fat stores. Granted the exercise is aerobic in nature and sustained.
So let's strive to eat a little more, and more frequently, while increasing your training intensity whenever possible.  Then if you want to get even leaner, don't cut more calories.  Just increase your daily physical activities.  

Follow these two simple tips and you will be well on your way to getting leaner in 2012.

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