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Fitness Tips

Chicken Kababs

We all know that if we want to stay lean, you gotta eat clean!  And as the day grows old, calories from carbohydrates should be reduced.  We should strive to replace the carbohydrates with greens or veggies that will not raise our blood sugar levels and then add a little fat (good fat).

Here is one of my all time favorites. . . Chicken Kababs!  I like to use Organic chicken breasts cubed , with a wide variety of veggies.  Peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, then grill lightly... Usually i brown the chicken cubes first, before threading everything on the skewers so not to burn the veggies while you wait til the chicken cooks thoroughly.  Instead of soaking in an oil based marinade, sprinkle with powdered spices like garlic or Goya.

This meal is great for people like me who love to use the grill outside in the evenings.  I serve with a nice spinach leaf salad.  Using the salad as the bed for the kababs.  Though, if it's earlier in the day, or with left overs, I usually use rice as the bed.  This will get some carbohydrates in the equation.  It is obvious this little treat is loaded with protein to give those muscles of yours the building blocks required to rebuild and repair themselves.  When the rice is added it also gives you the fuel to carry you through that leg workout you dread.

By : Pete Griffen

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